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Re: [opensuse] Printing problem : firewall ?

Printing from client is broken since last cups patches for recent
opensuse versions. See:

I suggest you fix it with these commands:

systemctl stop cups.path
systemctl stop cups.socket
systemctl stop cups.service
systemctl disable cups.path
systemctl disable cups.socket
systemctl start cups.service

On 01/14/2014 12:33 PM, Koenraad Lelong wrote:

On the laptop of my daughter it's not possible to print to a
CUPS-printer on a server without disabling the firewall of the laptop.

First I had the wireless lan in the external zone, and defined
exceptions for IPP in the advanced setup, both TCP and UDP. Did not
work. Then I modified the WiFi interface to the internal zone, and
checked the 'protect firewall from internal zone'. I also added
exceptions for IPP on TCP and UDP. I also tried using the port number :
631. But nothing works. Only disabling the firewall completely enables
me to print.
What am I doing wrong ?

Running Opensuse 12.3.

Thanks for any pointers.

BTW, I want to use "external zone" because the laptop can be used
anywhere, not just at home behind a decent (I hope) firewall.


Koenraad Lelong

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