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Re: [opensuse] Re: Temp directories NOT cleared at boot (oS13.1)
On 26/01/14 17:21, Anton Aylward wrote:
You'll soon see that those 1T SSD are NOT a good idea. The problem is
putting everything in one place. A mistake of MS-DOS/Windows. Certainly
having /tmp on a SSD is a BAD idea. And if you have it as tmpfs in
memory then you better have a way of cleaning it unless you reboot your
machine to flush it daily.

How does this translate for an everyday user with a single SSD in their laptop / desktop? I ask because you've got me slightly worried now. On my laptop I have a slow HDD and have just ordered an SSD replacement. I do have a docking station with a modular bay so have bought a caddy to stick the old HDD in there, and will use that disk as my primary backup location.

But, this being a laptop, though I tend to use it most of the time at my desk with docking station attached, there are obviously times I go mobile with it. So I cannot put /tmp anywhere but on the main SSD. The laptop maxes out at 4GB RAM so putting temp into memory is not an option either. I can see the problem though with continual writes to /tmp not being good for an SSD's lifetime.

Does it make any difference in your opinion to have /tmp on a separate partition on an SSD rather than lumping everything in with / ?
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