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Re: [opensuse] New NVIDIA drivers available
On 22/01/14 04:07, Amuraritei Andrei wrote:
On Tuesday, January 21, 2014 05:19:03 PM Basil Chupin wrote:

Do you know if this patch will also work with the 331.38 driver and the
3.12.7.x kernel?



Yes it should work. 331.20 and 331.38 kernel modules should compile without
patching on kernel version 3.12.xx - but not 3.13. UVM module maybe not, as
reported by different users here and on the NVIDIA developer forums, thus
requiring --no-unified-memory switch on the nvidia-installer.

331.38 requires the patch mentioned to compile the kernel module, because of
some kernel changes to acpi event flags waiting introduced with kernel 3.13.
Also the patch fixes another change needed for loading the UVM module, which
although compiles OK, errors out when trying to load it (modprobe) with the
some EUID error. The patch fixes that. This was for 3.13-rc, while NVIDIA
doesn't officially support devel-version kernels.

331.38 works quite OK and doesn't screw things like 331.20 did. I'm using it
like I said for a while now (actually right after release) and with every
3.13-rcX update in K:HEAD repo that I got, ran the 331.38 patched driver
installer, rebuilt the kernel and it worked without problems.)

Regarding the usage of K:HEAD and 3.13.rc kernel versions, I was curious about
the multi-queue block layer, but I'm already planning a reinstall of 13.1
using btrfs so I'll be using whatever is in the update channels or like you
suggested in K:stable.

Short procedure for installing 331.38 is:

Get the install file.

0. Boot with kernel param 3 or in terminal as root do systemctl stop xdm.
1. sh -x to extract.
2. cp nvidia_3.13_kernel.patch to NVIDIA...331.38 folder
3. Apply patch with patch -p 1 -i ./nvidia_3.13_kernel.patch for example.
4. ./nvidia-installer -a
5. Reboot.
6. Profit.

Thanks for the above. The driver is now installed and working with kernel 3.13.x.

I have often considered trying to use the HEAD repo but while I have always liked to be at "the bleeding edge" I have recognised quite some time ago that there is more pain than gain in doing so which is why I stay with the K:stable :-) .


Using openSUSE 13.1, KDE 4.12.1 & kernel 3.13.0-1 on a system with-
AMD FX 8-core 3.6/4.2GHz processor
16GB PC14900/1866MHz Quad Channel Corsair "Vengeance" RAM
Gigabyte AMD3+ m/board; Gigabyte nVidia GTX660 OC 2GB DDR5 GPU

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