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Re: [opensuse] "X" config

jdebert <jdebert@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Greg Freemyer:

jdebert <jdebert@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Without SAX2, it seems manually editing modelines is necessary.
the domain of wizards and mages because it's too easy to damage
and/or graphics card. SAX2 could safely do the centering and display
sizing graphically and then modify the modelines appropriately.

Are you ignoring SAX3 for some reason?

I know it doesn't work for all, but at least acknowledge it since
it's in the distro.



I did not realize that it must be mentioned in every single post.


Well why mention sax2 at all? It's dead on gone for years now. Sax3 is
supposedly alive and well, so bitch about it being broken instead. Who knows,
someone may even fix the sax3 bugs if people create enough bugzillas. The 2 or
3 times I tried it, it seemed to work for me.

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