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Re: [opensuse] munging again
* Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [01-25-14 18:12]:
Carlos composed:

The list is correct, as many other list that are configured the same

Understanding that though "many", the many are a significant minority.

it is correct only because we choosed to use this setting, after numerous
discussions that do not need to be done agin too often

The "we" in that statement was comprised of a sample. A vote was
taken. A small fraction of those subscribed who could have voted
actually participated by voting.

Presumably the sample was as such usually are, heavily populated by
regular activist participants, participants who are more likely aware
of the state and familiar with the workaround for the reply
diversion, and least likely to benefit from an alternative list reply
policy. Also they are presumably among those most conscious of how to
work around the alternative policy by copying and pasting the
author's address into the to field of their replies in those rare
cases when a private reply is desired instead of the factually
customary reply to list.

Those poorly represented include those who participate little except
when they have a problem and come here for help, particularly the
newest least comfortable subscribers. They are those who are most
likely surprised by the customary behavior, and are most likely
unfamiliar with both the possible workarounds, and the "local custom"
that is a minority position among similar but unrelated forums.

IOW, the current policy is an elitist policy, not a practical one
benefiting those who could best benefit from the alternative.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death
your right to say it.

But the discourteous discussion, nay argument, will proceed ad infinitum

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