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Re: [opensuse] munging again
On 1/25/2014 12:38 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
No, it is the way that *should* be expected.

Notwithstanding head buried in sand RFCs, openSUSE lists are public
discussion lists that authors direct compositions to so that the
listserv can send them to subscribers. The listserv is the sender WRT
to those who are subscribed, not the message authors. Messages are
sent in public, and because they are sent in public, it is only
natural for their responses to be public as well. Yet, the listserv
thwarts such behavior being automatic in favor of assuming replies
should be sent privately to the author instead of the sender.

Reply to list is the expected behavior on every other list in the
yet mostly out of stubbornness at this point, OS clings to its
nonstandard configuration, and the usual trolls come out in droves and
flame anyone who dares suggest its just wrong headed.
I have friends I visit and remove my shoes before entering their
house/home. The openSUSE lists expect/require certain behavour and I
follow that to the best of my ability/characture. When in Rome....

Nobody is realistically expecting this list to change.

Its well past that point in time where the list manager is willing to admit
that is has been wrong for dozens of years and isn't getting any more correct
as time goes on. It has entered the realm of political or religious dogma at
this point. No reasoned arguments need apply. We all get that.

The point is that you, (specifically you Patrick) can't have it both ways.

You can't say :
No, it is the way that *should* be expected.

and then, when proven wrong revert to:
When in Rome....

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