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Re: [opensuse] munging again (was: Some reason not get...)
On 2014-01-25 14:23 (GMT-0500) Patrick Shanahan composed:

* John Andersen <jsamyth@xxxxxxxxx> [01-25-14 14:15]:

Reply to all, and the list being configured to reply to sender rather
than the list is the root cause of this problem.

No, it is the way that *should* be expected.

Notwithstanding head buried in sand RFCs, openSUSE lists are public discussion lists that authors direct compositions to so that the listserv can send them to subscribers. The listserv is the sender WRT to those who are subscribed, not the message authors. Messages are sent in public, and because they are sent in public, it is only natural for their responses to be public as well. Yet, the listserv thwarts such behavior being automatic in favor of assuming replies should be sent privately to the author instead of the sender.

Reply to list is the expected behavior on every other list in the world,
yet mostly out of stubbornness at this point, OS clings to its
nonstandard configuration, and the usual trolls come out in droves and
flame anyone who dares suggest its just wrong headed.

Not so, but you persist.

You are correct only insofar as "every other" is an overreach. Yet, the vast majority do make it easy for the vast majority of mailing list subscribers by having their reply buttons direct the reply to go back to the sender, to wit, the listserv.

Among those directing replies back to the listserv from whence came, making reply-to-list easy as possible regardless of knowledge level of respondent: (thousands of lists)
@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG (over half of the 70+ lists I subscribe to; thousands of lists; combined with likely comprising more lists than all others combined)
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