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Re: [opensuse] Re: X11 Forwarding issue
В Sat, 25 Jan 2014 00:18:04 -0800
Linda Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx> пишет:

Ken Schneider - openSUSE wrote:
On 01/23/2014 03:56 PM, Christopher Myers pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
Does it give anything useful if you do
ssh -vvv -X user@xxxxxxxx
? (that's v v v with no spaces.)

Once you're connected to your remote box, you should be able to
and it should say something like

It is not set as can be seen in the error"

debug3: Ignored env DISPLAY

If you are using your computer locally (vs. over the internet or
where you are concerned about people tapping your I/O stream)
you can get a noticeable speed jump ( by setting DISPLAY
to your remote host value. They sorta go hand in hand --
the speed up and less need for security .. i.e.
if you are @ 1Gb or faster on a local wired connection,
then you can benefit by going direct.

FWIW, this can be set in /etc/security/ --
which will have the REMOTEHOST value in it on the
first access to your system (auth time).

Is it possible to also forward xauthority this way?

pam doesn't have access to the remotehost value except at
initial login, so if you call your on a
per/session basis instead of per-login, you will
lose your DISPLAY in the default settings for
pam in suse 12.3 and later (12.2 and before was
ok...but suse repurposed the login-env setting
to any remote vars (except for TERM)
are lost).

Haven't verified it but it should lose DISPLAY
whether you use the direct-host name or not, as
it zeros out the DISPLAY variable.

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