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Re: [opensuse] CUPS problems
On 01/24/2014 01:48 PM, Ulf Sassenberg wrote:
A very recent update of cups (1.5.4-12.4.1) cause me print problems. I
have two computers running 13.1 (KDE). Both are connected via local
internet to an HP officejet 6500. Firewall is off. After updating cups
this is enabled as expected but not active. Printer is not found and
e.g. HP setup is unable to install a printer. If on the other hand the
printer is installed via YAST it works as long as the computer is not
restarted. Actually the problem exists also with other versions of cups
from the Printing repository. Whether cups is active or inactive can be
found in YAST and restarting cups makes it active and the printer is
available again. I have since reverted to the original version of CUPS
(1.5.4-12.1.3). Have other SUSE users noticed any problems?

In my eyes the only good solution is to disable systemd socket and path
as done here:

I hope this "fix" for bug 857372 that broke cups will be reverted soon.

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