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Re: [opensuse] LibreOffice PDF Import
On 01/24/2014 05:38 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
>The Hybrid PDF is a great option if you're the one creating the PDF.
>I use it all the time. I find that few people seem to know it exists.

I found about that feature very recently. I do not use it, if I send an
PDF it is because I don't want it edited.

There is that!
However one might assume in many cases that the recipients are not technically sophisticated enough to do this.

As an example, I've sent PDF versions of resumes to head-hunters I've had little or no contact with in the past and have no reason to trust that they won't alter them. Why? Because when I have sent MS-Word formatted ones some HHs *have* altered them!

Never the less, some of them have come back to me with "What do I do with this file" in reaction to being sent a PDF. Same when I've sent html documents.

They can deal with GIFs and and .DOC, some but not all call can deal with .docx.

You'd think their email readers or webmail readers would cope, but it seems some use obscure tools. One I dealt with never read the documents, just fed them into some HH-specific software that scanned the content and stuck it in a database, scanning for keywords and making it referable from a database search. *THAT* one cold handle .doc but not .docx.

Its one thing to be able to use 'power tools' to accelerate your work, its another when you turn off your brain and let your tools do your thinking for you.

"The capacity to learn is a gift;
The ability to learn is a skill;
The willingness to learn is a choice."
-- Brain Herbert,
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