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Re: [opensuse] Adjusting console font size
Thanks Felix

On 14-01-23 02:20 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2014-01-23 14:08 (GMT-0500) Ted Byers composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2014-01-23 12:17 (GMT-0500) Greg Freemyer composed:

fyi: Even with a 12x22 font there are 80 lines on the console!

There they live, but how does one apply one from there after booting has

What console,


Never heard of it. I guess I'll google it to learn something about it. But, doess it not have a configuration file like the other consoles?
and what desktop? I do not know enough to know whether you
do it differently between KDE and Gnome.

X and tty[1-6] fonts are controlled entirely differently from how done in KDE & Gnome.

I could not figure out how to do this using XTerm, and it's fonts are too
small; and therefore I can't use it.

For xterm, put in ~/.Xresources (for largest possible size):
xterm*vt100.initialFont: 6

OK, great. Thanks. I'll give that a try.

On Konsole, once I started it, I
could select 'Settings', followed by 'Edit current Profile'. In the dialog
that appeared, I selected the 'Appearance' tab, and at the bottom, selected
12 point bold, and at least now my tired old eyes could actually read the
text without strain. The default was 8, normal, which I suppose only the

Always here for virgin user Konsole defaults to misc-fixed 9 unless I first raise desktop fonts in systemsettings from 9 to 10, in which case Konsole starts at misc-fixed 10. I normally change to monospace from misc-fixed, but there is a new (Ghostscript "Monospace") bug that makes line spacing excessive if that choice is make, so I have to choose a specific font family.

young and healthy (I am neither) have a hope of being able to read.

I am still struggling to learn the Linux way of doing things, but I thought
this sort of thing was handled through something like a configuration file
(like .bashrc, for bash - BTW, I can't find the copy of that file for the
user 'root', and want to add a couple aliases to it), or is that a false
impression due to the limited range of applications I have examined? Or am
I way off base, in terms of what console you're talking about?

.bashrc isn't needed unless you want to add such things as aliases, so just make one.
OK. I have already edited mine in my home directory. Where would I put the new .bashrc for the root directory?


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