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Re: [opensuse] Temp directories NOT cleared at boot (oS13.1)
On 23/01/14 08:15, jdd wrote:
Le 23/01/2014 08:51, Dylan a écrit :
On 23/01/14 07:38, jdd wrote:

may be /tmp is the next candidate for tmpsfs in ram?

I hope not - I do a lot of graphics rendering and video compositing which
generates lots of multi-megabyte temporary files which would rapidly
tmpfs (unless there was an extravagant swap partition, which would have
significant performance consequences...)

with the 8Gb+ ram at present time?

Yes - a complex scene with several dynamic objects can easily reach 2Gb+ memory requirement before considering the size of textures, intermediate data caches and the final rendered image. An animation requires 24 rendered frames per second to be stored prior to post-processing (compositing.) The compositing process requires the base image and the final image to be in memory at the same time along with more intermediate structures... Storing all that in tmpfs is simply not a viable option.

I had similar problem not so long ago when duplicating Blu-Ray disks.
But k3b allows the change of the temp folder.

The temp storage directory of completed frames can be changed (and I do) but the semi-persistent data caches (for object characteristics which remain unchanged between frames, for example) are kept in files created by tmpfile (from stdio.h) etc... These files can easily reach hundreds of Mb, and there can be hundreds of them in a single render session (at least one for each object in a scene.)

I never use /tmp for large files because I have it in / (root partition)
that is not really bigger than ram :-)

Well, gwenview, for example, stores images downloaded from websites under /tmp somewhere, and doesn't remove them - when researching reference images this leads to many large hi-res images hanging around long after they are needed.



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