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Re: [opensuse] New NVIDIA drivers available
On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 10:28 AM, Alvin Beach <alvinbeach@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 20/01/14 00:07, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 20/01/14 02:06, Alvin Beach wrote:
I tried the RPMs from the nvidia repo (for 12.3) and I would get high CPU
usage (80%+) while
starting/playing L4D2. In fact, that was just starting the game. The game
was unplayable as it would
could not get past the menu (joining a game would freeze). Also, as soon as
I started the game, and
before the menu loaded, the CPU temps would climb above 65C and stay there
until I force killed it.


As for the temp issue, I discovered that KDE was configured to "Compositing
type: XRender" and the
"Suspend desktop effects for fullscreen windows" was unchecked. I changed the
compositing type to
OpenGL 3.1 and checked the suspend effect for fullscreen windows.


I took advantage of having to reboot due to a new kernel update from
Kernel:stable:standard[1] and try the RPMs (after --uninstall'ing the
.run) provided by the nvidia repo. I am happy to report that they[2]
work without any issues. I think the issue was not the RPMs nor the
kernel but perhaps how I had inadvertently configured Desktop Effects
in KDE. I believe the fix was to switch to "OpenGL 3.1" and disabling
for fullsceen windows. Whilst playing L4D2, my CPU(s) never exceeded
15% and the temp never went above 58C (more often it would be 47-50C).

[1] Kernel

[2] nvidia RPMs


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