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Re: [opensuse] apache log full of wpad.dat
On 01/21/2014 08:59 PM, Aneurin Price wrote:
On your openSUSE machine you do not have 'domain' or
'search' in /etc/resolv.conf, so a DNS lookup for
'wpad' simply returns NXDOMAIN.

Your Windows machine has the functional equivalent of 'domain', probably configured by your DHCP server, unless
you've configured the network interface manually. It therefore appends
'' to 'wpad' to get a fully qualified domain name, and
looks up ''. You have a wildcard domain record set
up such that '' resolves to

In short, everything is behaving correctly and as expected.

Thanks for the analysis and sharing it.

Your options are:
1) Add an entry to Windows' hosts file, as you've discovered.
2) Remove the wildcard DNS record and replace it with explicit records
for those names that you actually want to resolve.
3) Configure Windows not to append the primary DNS suffix when looking
up an unqualified name. I'm not entirely certain it's possible to do
this, although you could probably set it to something intentionally
invalid so that all unqualified lookups fail.
3a) (In the same vein as setting it to something intentionally
invalid) Configure your DHCP server not to inform the client what its
DNS suffix should be. Probably not what you want.
4) Take a look here:
- in particular I'd suggest trying one-by-one the steps listed by
Arthur_Li in that thread.

Personally I'd probably go with option 2, as wildcard DNS records can
cause any number of surprises like this.

I'm not sure one can change the behavior at
Therefore, I'd go with option #3, i.e. removing
as search domain. Most probably Patrick wants "wahoo" not to be a
sub-domain because all the traffic goes to his router anyway, which
in turn will have to have port-forwarding entries for certain
services like http, ssh, etc. to internal hosts.

Have a nice day,

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