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Re: [opensuse] Re: apache log full of wpad.dat
* Linda Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx> [01-21-14 18:07]:
Patrick Shanahan wrote:

yes, I have "no proxy" set on the windows machines
Do you have your system's network proxy settings on the
windows clients set to 'manual'?

Direct access (no proxy server).

(Might also set the settings in IE to manual to be safe).

also :^)

I have set in hosts on both machines: wpdat
which stops the log entries. When I remove the setting from hosts, I get
the log entries again.

windoz bewilders me, it's soooo logical :^(

Well windows-update doesn't use firefox or user-IE network connect
settings -- it uses those system values you see in netsh.

So if those machines need windows update to work, then you need
to set the proxy in the netsh tool (may be other ways to set it, but
dunno off hand).

If you don't need windows update to work -- then turn off
or disable windows update and that should also stop the probing.

No, as many probs as windows has, I believe updates is very necessary.
And updates do not seem to be hindered by my entry into host: wpad

And updates appears to run ok with:
Direct access (no proxy server)


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