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[opensuse] Piping emails to a script in Postfix with virtual domains

any Postfix gurus here?

I have a setup with virtual domains on my server and would now like to
feed the incoming mails from some virtual addresses to the rt mail
processing script. In /etc/aliased, I can simply add a line like

email-address: "|/directory/script"

which will do what I want. That does, however, not work in the virtual
address table. If I use it there, I get a 550 5.1.1.
Of course, I could create a local alias for each of those virtual
addresses but there must be a more elegant way, right?

Any ideas, anyone?


(o_ Stefan Gofferje | SCLT, MCP, CCSA
//\ Reg'd Linux User #247167 | VCP #2263
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