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[opensuse] NVidia issues
Hello - I am not sure if this is the right forum, or if I should go to the KDE forum, or if there is an appropriate nVidia/Linux forum somewhere, but since I see others talking about nVidia issues here, I will start here and if there is some more appropriate forum, please point me in the right direction.

I will start out by saying that I am running openSuSE12.3 x64 and KDE 4.10.5 "release 1" on a computer that is part of my media center. I recently purchased an EVGA 8400 GS video card because I needed a card with an HDMI port. This card is connected through a Harmon Kardon A/V receiver (which also switches other HDMI sources such as a DirectTV satellite set-top box) to a Westinghouse monitor. In addition to the Westinghouse monitor I am also connecting (directly) a small VESA monitor in a separate room to the EVGA video card.

As long as I have the Westinghouse monitor turned on, and the A/V receiver configured to send the HDMI signal from the EVGA card to the Westinghouse monitor, I CAN use the NVIDIA X Server settings tool to configure both of my monitors to display everything as expected. But my problem is this - If I turn the Westinghouse monitor off, or switch it out with the A/V receiver, then when I come back to wanting to display the computer output on the Westinghouse monitor later, I discover that the NVIDIA X Server settings are all lost and nothing will be displayed. This can also happen on the small VESA monitor as well, and when both displays are lost I have to VNC into the system in order to reset up the NVIDIA X Server settings.

So how do I persist the NVIDIA settings so that things remain the way I configured the X server? I have told the NVIDIA X Server settings tool to both Apply and Save to X Configuration File but no joy in getting my settings to persist. I have noted that there seems to be a KDE daemon running that seems to detect changes on monitor configurations and asks me if I want to open a KDE Display tool to Automatically or Manually (or not) configure the new display setup. I have tried to play with this tool as well, but so far have not been able to find any joy with it either. In fact the KDE Display setup tool seems to see things slightly different than the way the NVIDIA X Server settings tools sees things, such as monitor placements and refresh rates. That lends to even more confusion and I don't really know if I believe the KDE tool, as the NVIDIA X Server Settings tool seems to reflect reality better when I actually get things configured and working properly.

Thoughts? Ideas? I will send the X config file along if that will help, but somehow I think it is set up correctly, just not persistently.


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