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Re: [opensuse] New NVIDIA drivers available
On 20/01/14 00:07, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 20/01/14 02:06, Alvin Beach wrote:
I tried the RPMs from the nvidia repo (for 12.3) and I would get high CPU
usage (80%+) while
starting/playing L4D2. In fact, that was just starting the game. The game
was unplayable as it would
could not get past the menu (joining a game would freeze). Also, as soon as
I started the game, and
before the menu loaded, the CPU temps would climb above 65C and stay there
until I force killed it.

I tried other versions from other repos (some from in home:/), but the same

In the end, I just downloaded the .run from nvidia's site and installed it
manually. No issues with
CPU usage or temperatures.

The .run does complain that it cannot build the CUDA support/driver.
However, since AFAIK I don't
use CUDA I just used "--no-unified-memory' (as per its log file instructs)
to get around the error.



On 19/01/14 10:42, Robert Klein wrote:

The driver released on 10 January - 319.82 - has no problem compiling and
there is no need to use

Are you suggesting that the new one (331.38, released 14 January) has
regressed to not compile
without the '-n-u-m' "fix"?


On my system, I couldn't compile the driver without that switch. I tried
searching for similar
issues with compiling and searching "--no-unified-memory", but nothing really
came up. At least, not
obvious to me. The logs suggest that it is used to take advantage of CUDA
calculations. AFAIK, I
don't use least not knowingly. I also couldn't find out what RPMs I
had to install to
enable "CUDA" outside of installing bits and pieces from nvidia's website. I
prefer to stick with
RPMs...less for me to maintain.

As for the temp issue, I discovered that KDE was configured to "Compositing
type: XRender" and the
"Suspend desktop effects for fullscreen windows" was unchecked. I changed the
compositing type to
OpenGL 3.1 and checked the suspend effect for fullscreen windows. None of the
selected effects were
effected (e.g. none had to be disabled). I'm not sure if that would effect the
CPU utilisation issue
or not. I haven't retried the nvidia RPMs yet. I've been using the nvidia RPMs
for a very long time
now. I just used the .run file as a fallback. But it's been years since I had
to recompile the
driver myself.

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