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Re: [opensuse] apache log full of wpad.dat
* Carlos E. R. <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [01-19-14 16:49]:
On 2014-01-19 22:22, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
On the two "challenged" boxes on my local net, win7 & win8, I have
edited host to: wpad ##direct wpad.dat to an outside source

I don't think that's the route, either. Possibly, your windows computer
would get an wpad.dat from outside, and it is anybody guess out what
that would contain.

(I pointed firefox to "". It times out. Bad).

If I understand correctly from the wikipedia article, the browsers can
use that file to autoconfigure themselves. So possibly you have to
instead configure those browsers to NOT autoconfigure.

I have set firefox as default browser on both win machines and disabled
auto-proxy on both.

Another route could be to create that file on your apache server. Maybe
your windows machines fail to find it and try again many, many times.
So just supply it, maybe once is enough. You have to find out what it
should contain, of course.

I have placed a wpad.dat file on /srv/www/htdocs/wpad.dat;

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
return “DIRECT”;

And the apache2 logs show positive connection, >1000 per day :^(

And I do see the win machines firefox timing out on{.dat}


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