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Re: [opensuse] NAS Solutions - Suggestion Please
On Sun, 2014-01-19 at 16:13 +0200, andreil1@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have 2 x SUSE Linux servers, which uses several additional internal
hard drives for backup. I have an idea to move backup storage to
separate dedicated NAS box.

This enclosure with 4 x Hot-swap SATA drives and 1 system 2.5" HD seem
to be OK. I think to use small SSD drive for OS in order to improve

CFI A-7879 enclosure (4x 3.5" NAS, 1x 2.5", Hot-Plug, 1x PCI, 200W)

From the software side I'm not so sure. I like FreeNAS and its
particular feature called RAID-Z2, which implements in software RAID L6,
which tolerated failure of 2 hard drives simultaneously without data
loss. Once I already had RAID L5 failure, so this is very essential issue.

FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD, so if anyone have suggestion for comparable
solution based on Linux, I will be very glad to hear.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion(s)

Hi Andrei,

Been given the subject some thought...

When you look at it, one uses either a dedicated NAS-box (appliance) or
transform a linux-box into a "storage provider"

I've tried some NAS-boxes, but result was less then expected.
For instance the appliances made by ICY (empty enclosure, provide your
own disks), they looks nice: even got GB network, but they are that
slow, that they just as well got equip them with 10Mb interfaces.
(I use 2*2TB disk in raid0) disks themselves were no problem.

As mentioned, you could also use a old linux machine.
Main advantage:
- stronger cpu
- more mem (caching)
Not just SMB, but also:
- rsync
- nfs

If your local network permits, you can also think about a ceph-cluster:
-no SPOF
-highly scalable


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