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Re: [opensuse] apache log full of wpad.dat
Patrick Shanahan:
* Cristian Rodríguez <crrodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [01-17-14 19:12]:
El 17/01/14 20:09, Patrick Shanahan escribió:

How do I stop my apache2 logs from being full of: - - [17/Jan/2014:17:15:59 -0500] "GET /wpad.dat HTTP/1.1" 200
796 "-" "Windows-Update-Agent/7.9.9600.16422 Client-Protocol/1.20"

what's your question ? See for
details on "wpad.dat"

My apache2 logs are filling with *many* wpad.dat entries. How can I stop
them or filter them out?

I have two win7/8 boxes on the local net and their firefox configs have
proxy set to manual and the operating systems the wpad lookup service is

Still I get 100's of entries, wpad.dat, per hour :^(



Edit the logs & remove the offending lines?

Run a cronjob to do it?

Disconnect the windoze machines?

Turn off the windoze machines?

Get rid of the windoze machines?

The last three are probably the best ways to do it. Works for me.

You can't turn off auto-update. Or so I've heard.


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