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Re: [opensuse] lack of space on /boot for new kernel
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On 1/16/2014 11:22 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2014-01-16 20:18, Fr David Ousley wrote:
I uninstalled plymouth and rebooted. No change to the size of the files
in /boot, including the large initrd. Did I miss
something? Thanks

You need to recreate initrds (run mkinitrd manually). It is not performed
during plymouth (de-)installation.

Thanks -- this did the trick. initrd is half the size it was, leaving
almost half of /boot free.

Thanks to all who helped! Thecommunity is wonderful.

Yep. I forgot to mention that you had to run mkinitrd.

Some questions if I may:

1) So what functionality (besides eye-candy) does Plymouth supply such that we
can simply un-install it and everything runs just fine?

2) Also, my /boot has only (one kernel at this time) but it has several
symtype-[kernel]-default-gz, -desktop-gz, -xen-gz, -desktop-gz.
- ---Why so many. Why not manage these such that only one is installed
to match the current vmlinuz-[kernel]

Side Note that none of these issued affect me, because my /boot is located on
/ (root) rather than it's own partition. This apparently was a choice I made
at installation some long time ago and totally forgot about. It too was
probably a Yast recommendation.

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- ---This space for rent---
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