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Re: [opensuse] Is this normal? systemd-journal taking nearly 2 gigs of memory.
On 2014-01-16 17:15, Anton Aylward wrote:
Carlos E. R. said the following on 01/16/2014 10:43 AM:
Total: 1293920 kB

How does that compare to

swapon -s

and the top few lines of 'top'

I'm just wondering about the consistency of results using different

Mmmm. I modified the code to have it sorted, but now the total is not


function bucle()
for i in /proc/[0-9]*; do
pid=$(echo $i | sed -e 's/\/proc\///g')
swap_pid=$(cat /proc/$pid/smaps |
awk 'BEGIN{total=0}/^Swap:/{total+=$2}END{print total}')
if [ "$swap_pid" -gt 0 ]; then
name=$(cat /proc/$pid/status | grep ^Name: |
awk '{print $2}')
# echo "${swap_pid} kB ${name} (${pid}) "
printf "%12i kB %30s (%i)\n" ${swap_pid} ${name} ${pid}
let swap_total+=$swap_pid

bucle | sort -g

echo "Total: ${swap_total} kB"

I now get:

Total: 0 kB

so I must have a mistake in my code above, the "swap_total" var is not
treated as a global var inside the function.

So I can not currently compare all methods.

4G would be plenty if it wasn't for all those firefox tabs :-/


A 4 or 8 core CPU would be nice even with only 4G of memory.
My laptop, with only 1.5G and a slower CPU is more responsive because of
the additional cores.

You need everything, cores and ram.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 12.3 x86_64 "Dartmouth" at Telcontar)

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