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Re: [opensuse] systemd : how to start a script at the end ?
El 12/01/14 14:18, Dsant escribió:


First it is time to get off your mental picture the concept of "at the end" there is no such thing as "end".

I edited systemd on 12.3 to start a calendar server ( ).
The script works very well (good news !) IF I wait 10 seconds ("sleep 10") in
it. If I do not wait, I have a "socket error".
How do I run a script after the other ones ? that is, at end.
I tried "" with no luck.

Here is my /lib/systemd/system/radicale.service file :

Description=Radicale calendrier




the After= goes in the [Unit] section not in the [install] section.


Note that "" appared in systemd 200 and therefore wont work in 12.3 but only in 13.1 .. in older versions using might work.
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