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Re: [opensuse] Re: I don't know how to make bluetooth work in 13.1 - text mode
On 2014-01-12 05:29, Carlos E. R. wrote:


It is now 5 AM here, I should be sleeping. Tomorrow I'll remove the
firmware package and try again, to find out if it is really needed or not.

Well, it works as well without the firmware package, as I hopped. Now
the next step is to pair devices and transfer files in text mode.

cer@minas-tirith:~> hcitool info Mobil
Requesting information ...
Can't create connection: Operation not permitted
minas-tirith:~ # hcitool info Mobil
Requesting information ...
Can't create connection: Input/output error
minas-tirith:~ #

It needs to run as root, which is an inconvenient. But anyway, it fails.
Maybe it needs to pair first.

Maybe it is:

minas-tirith:~ # hcitool cc
cc: too few arguments (minimal: 1)
cc [--role=m|s] [--ptype=pkt_types] <bdaddr>
cc --ptype=dm1,dh3,dh5 01:02:...
cc --role=m 01:02:...
minas-tirith:~ #

What now?

I went to the "bluez" home page. The "FAQ" is empty. Well, it says how
to download, what is bluez, in under 5 lines. Not very useful, is it?

Bluez is probably the underlying layer, designed for developers. Users
are assumed to use the desktop tool - wait, there are no desktop tools
in xfce.

So what now?

The wikipedia says (in 2006) that "hidd is the Bluetooth human interface
device (HID) daemon." Where is that thing? But a daemon is not a user

Now that the device is enabled, running "bluetooth-wizard", which is a
gnome component, succeeds in pairing with my cellular phone. As a
multimedia audio device. When I click on my phone, I hear the clicks on
the laptop speaker... Or hear video files audio from the cell on the
laptop... not very useful. I want to transfer files.

And nothing displays on the XFCE panel.

There is "bluetoothctl", also from bluez. No man page. So no RTFM.

This one has a "Pair" command.

[bluetooth]# pair Mobil
Device Mobil not available

But it is, and visible.

[bluetooth]# devices
Device 28:CC:01:9B:62:C7 Mobil
Device 00:24:7D:66:42:C9 Mobil 5220

So what can I do with this tool?

This is discouraging.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 12.3 x86_64 "Dartmouth" at Telcontar)

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