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Re: [opensuse] general thoughts on 13.1?
Le 11/01/2014 11:01, Günther J. Niederwimmer a écrit :

Am Freitag, 10. Januar 2014, 10:01:35 schrieb jdd:

that said, 13.1 is very easy to install, I did it on install fests more than
10 times with very little problems, including new windows 8 computers with
secure boot

can you tell me witch Bios and Board you are testing ?

On my systems i have on one a Bios Problem with secure boot, on the Next a
Install Problem with mkinitrd, the initrd can't written :-(. all ASUS

don't know really as most where not mine :-(

but I did on one netbook of my LUG, I will look at it this afternoon

the most surprising thing is than the boot order do not rely on grub (at first), but on the bios This is an uefi feature. On older bioses (non uefi) it relies on the boot flag, now it relies on the uefi boot order.

so there is a great chance than if you reboot after install you reboot windows.

if you are lucy, reboot the bios and find in it an option to boot one or the other system.

If you have less chance, hit the "choose system" key on boot, boot openSUSE and use the uefi tools to choose the system - I don't have the uefi tools name at hand, but there are command line

I made a mistake once: at some moment I was instructed that a /boot/efi folder had to be found and I created one, not seeing it waas already on the disk as /efi. This made it impossible to change the boor order. There must be only one used efi folder (of course)


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