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Re: [opensuse] Strange error when attempting to upgrade system.
On 1/10/2014 12:42 PM, David Haller wrote:

On Wed, 08 Jan 2014, John Andersen wrote:
On 1/8/2014 8:02 PM, David Haller wrote:
*yikes* ;) (that's all the mono/csharp stuff, desktop-indexing and a
BIG selection of other stuff. Yes, I searched for that crap during
installation, taboo'ed it, breaking packages, and good riddance!).

On the other hand, Desktop Indexing FINALLY works, and works well, after
3 or 5 years of taboo-ing it myself, I've finally come to rely on it for
my daily work flow.

Need to find every program that uses a certain header file or references
a certain data element? Its Instant. An there is no discernible load imposed
on my machine, even when I check out a boat-load of code from our repository
to work on. Wonder full.

Hm. That does sound interesting. What indexer / backend / frontend are
you using? And can in be configured to index only specific


I'm simply using what comes with KDE4.

Nepomuk indexing, turning on all options (documents, audio, images, source
code, ebooks, etc)
and selecting folder structures using the "Customeize Folders option).
This is all set up (per user) in the Configure Desktop menu entry of KDE.

As for what is used in the backend, its whatever Neopmuk uses. I believe it is
virtuoso but
I can't even remember when/how that was set up. It has nepolukstorage and
running as well as mysqld.

If watching top, I'll see nepomuxindexer jump up if I change any files, none of
others seem to take any resource at all.

I also gain (but really haven't used much) the ratings option for images and
music, etc.
(This enables 1-5 "star" rating in Dolphin file manager, as well as tagging).

I do use the tagging and add comment for some things such as software modules
I'm working
on that I need to review, etc. I just tag them (you can create tags as you go,
and add comments
via the side panel in Dolphin. You can then search by comments, (I use key
words, etc).
(These comments are not embedded in the document, they reside in the indexing

The only crazy and annoying thing is the full text search ONLY WORKS if you are
sitting in ANY
directory that is selected for indexing. If you start a full text search from a
directory it just does nothing, and gives no errors.

This is maddening. (you might just as well set your entire ~/ tree to be
indexed and
use the exclusions tab to prevent indexing of any .iso files or such.
You can include or exclude any file types.

But as long as you looking at an indexed directory in Dolphin, you can search
the full
text all documents (or a subset) that are located anywhere on your system. Not
the current directory.

Its amazingly powerful, and FINALLY useable in KDE 4.11.?
It never seems to impose any significant load.

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