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Re: [opensuse] opensuse 13.1 annoying limitations
On 1/10/2014 12:05 PM, Ted Byers wrote:

On 14-01-10 02:35 PM, Marco Calistri wrote:
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Il 10/01/2014 16:51, Carlos E. R. ha scritto:
On 2014-01-10 17:34, Rares Aioanei wrote:
On Fri, 10 Jan 2014 13:11:05 -0200 Marco Calistri
<marco.calistri@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
1) BLUETOOTH doesn't works completely

You didn't offer anything in order to receive help. What "doesn't
works completely" even mean?
It is well known that bluetooth doesn't work.

Usually when something doesn't' works, somebody try to repair it ;-)

And in the real world of software engineering and maintenance, when it gets
fixed depends sensitively on it's priority relative to other
things that need to be done and the available resources to get it done, as
well as how hard it is to fix. I do not contribute code or
patches to any distribution of Linux because I know nothing of what rests
deep within the bowels of the OS, or even the compilers for that
matter. The programming I do is generally at the application layer. But
even so, I sometimes feel sorry for those that do because their
'clients' seem to expect perfection and want every bug fixed almost
instantly. I expect that, since the Bluetooth issue has been around
for a while, it is likely a question of it being a hard fix or there is
insufficient manpower to get it done, or both. I know I have a fair
list of bugs I need to address in my own code, but I don't have the manpower
to get them fixed, and there are a lot of big features I am
expected to add which are of higher priority for the guys paying the bills.
I'll give you three guesses as to what I spend my time on,
given that fact of life, and the first two don't count.

This is a community led product, so bug fixes and feature development
necessarily depends on volunteers to do the heavy lifting. If there
is something you don't like, help fix it; or if you don't know how, then
contribute resources to expedite the process. If you don't do
that, then one can argue that the issue at hand is not much of an issue for
you, or that you don't really care about the issues you're
complaining about.

From my experience, OpenSuse 13.1 is a fine product. Generally speaking, it
is as good as Windows 7, and before that Windows 2k, and much
better than any verions of Windows prior to the latter, as well as Vista. I
do not have, and will not soon have, a machine running Windows
8, so I can't make that comparison. I certainly like it better than any
Windows Server version. For my purposes, none of the three things
you mentioned are important as they do not affect me at all. I do not use
those three capabilities.

You have given a list of things you want to complain about. Why don't you
also give a list of all the features that they got right, or that
work better than most or all other available operating systems? It would be
good to give the guys that work hard to develop this a pat on
the back for the things they got right, as well as letting them know about
those things that need to be improved (ideally without giving
them a slap up-side the head for it).



Translation from the Ted:

Bluetooth isn't a priority.
Fix it yourself.
OpenSuse 13.1 is great but has some broken things.
Never mind your problems, give positive feedback about all the things that work.

----end translation

Doesn't matter how much flowery fluff you wrap around otherwise insulting and
unhelpful suggestions Ted, they
still are insulting and unhelpful.

Bluetooth is hardly optional any more in the laptop world.
It might be OK for a server installation not to have it.

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