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Re: [opensuse] opensuse 13.1 annoying limitations
On Fri, 10 Jan 2014 13:11:05 -0200
Marco Calistri <marco.calistri@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As per the subject,

IMHO this is the list:

1) BLUETOOTH doesn't works completely

2) Power Management "sucks" with laptops

3) Totem warnings the user to download plug-ins which are not
necessary or which cannot get downloaded and installed

I consider all the above as limitations in a modern O.S.

Sorry for my commentary!


You didn't offer anything in order to receive help. What "doesn't
works completely" even mean? What hardware do you have? What works
and what doesn't? Oh, and PM sucks? How come ? What laptops did you
use for testing? And finally, what's so bad that Totem warns users
about missing plugins? Linux is all about choice, so Totem says
"here, you need those plugins to view this file; do you want said
plugins or not?".

Rares Aioanei
Q: What do monsters eat?
A: Things.

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