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Re: [opensuse] general thoughts on 13.1?
On 1/9/2014 3:47 PM, George Olson (SUSE list) wrote:
I have seen a lot of things on opensuse 13.1. The promotions are saying
that it is one of the best releases. But I also read things here and on
the forums, like that there isa serious problem with getting multimedia
platforms to workthe way they should, and that kmail has had some big
issues. It seems that some people have these problems and others don't.

George, don't come to a mutual-help mailing list and then wonder why all
you see is problems. People come here for help.

Most people have it running satisfactorily. I did a trial install in a
virtual machine and found it did everything I needed, with no more than
a couple items that needed tweaking.

That said, I'm sticking with my 12.3 release until 13.2 or maybe 13.2
because 12.3 with KDE 4.11.4 is one of the best Opensuse releases in a
long time. On my 12.3 machine everything works. Better than it has
in many years.

I'm happy to let SystemD mature for a while, let the rewrite of Yast
progress. Mostly I don't need the disruption right now, do to the press
of other business. I usually skip releases along the way. If 13.1 is
good, 13.2 should be better.

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