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[opensuse] problem with raid number on 13.1 install
Hello all,

I am just trying to install opensuse 13.1 on Box #2 below, and it won't
boot up. It gives me the following error:

error: no such device 75b6ea3b-d42c-4f33-a23d-98ab9512bbc4
Press any key to continue....

Then when I press a key, it goes to a flash screen, so I hit esc, and
see the following (from what I remember) on the screen:

<some lines here of trying manual resume of certain devices>
Waiting for device /dev/md125 to appear...

If I wait long enough it asks if I want to revert to something, but that
doesn't work.

I am not sure where the UUID above came from - I didn't recognize it
from my 12.3 system or my new install, although I don't know for sure
where to look.

When I boot into 12.3 on the same box, I have 3 raid 1 drives set up:
/dev/sda2 and /dev/sdb2 form /dev/md0 - this is the raid partition that
I did the installation on.
/dev/sda3 and /dev/sdb3 form /dev/md2 - this is the root drive for
running 12.3
/dev/sda4 and /dev/sdb4 form /dev/md1 - this is my home partition.

When I did the install on the other partition, I imported the partition
settings from 12.3. It gave some different names for the raid 1 arrays.
So apparently in assembling the arrays for 13.1, there is a problem with
the names, so it won't boot up.

This is what my raid drives look like from my 12.3 system:

# mdadm --detail --scan
ARRAY /dev/md/2 metadata=1.0 name=linux-aw90:2
ARRAY /dev/md/1 metadata=1.2 name=linux-aw90:1
ARRAY /dev/md/0 metadata=1.0 name=linux-aw90:0
# blkid /dev/md0
/dev/md0: LABEL="root" UUID="4bd151b3-62da-4606-9cdf-dbfdfc9a7fb8"

And here is what my /etc/fstab file looks like for the new drive:
LABEL=root / ext4 acl,user_xattr
1 1
/dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HDS721050CLA362_JP8521HR2HU93V-part1 swap
swap defaults 0 0
/dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD5000AAKX-001CA0_WD-WMAYU3399663-part1 swap
swap defaults 0 0
LABEL=raidhome /home ext4 acl,user_xattr
1 2

It has not created the /proc and /sys and other files yet (I assume)
because it hasn't been able to get that far in the installation process
on the first reboot after installation. Maybe that's a wrong assumption.

But it seems that since it is assembling my raid array with a different
md number, and hence it has a different blkid, and hence no label, that
is why it won't boot up. I think.

I booted into the 13.1 rescue system and I found this:

# mdadm --detail --scan
ARRAY /dev/md/linux-aw90:1 metadata=1.2 name=linux-aw90:1
UUID=<whatever it is>
ARRAY /dev/md/linux-aw90:0 metadata=1.0 name=linux-aw90:0
UUID=<whatever it is>
ARRAY /dev/md/linux-aw90:2 metadata=1.0 name=linux-aw90:2
UUID=<whatever it is>

After running fdisk, I found that it had assembled the 3 raid arrays as
/dev/md125, /dev/md126, and /dev/md127. So I checked the blkid's:

# blkid /dev/md126
/dev/md126: LABEL="root" UUID=<whatever it is>
# blkid /dev/md/linux-aw90:0
/dev/md/linux-aw90:0: LABEL="root" UUID=<whatever it is>

So you see, the md number is different, but the label is still there,
and fstab is looking to mount it by label, and that drive is there. But
it won't mount and there are still problems.

Any help on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

George Olson
Box #1: 12.3 | KDE 4.10 | AMD Phenom IIX4 | 64 | ATI Radeon HD 3300 | 16GB
Box #2: 12.3 | KDE 4.9.2 | AMD Athlon X3 | 64 | nVidia C61 GeForce
7025 | 4GB
Laptop: 12.3 | KDE 4.10 | Core i7-2620M | 64 | Intel HD Graphics 3000
| 8GB
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