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Re: [opensuse] Strange error when attempting to upgrade system.
Hello Carlos,

On Wed, 08 Jan 2014, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2014-01-08 17:03, David Haller wrote:
The "zypper dup" method supports only the previous version.


Not wrong.

Language problem.

The "zypper dup" method only supports, officially, an

upgrade from the previous version (even if it might work). There was
a statement by Stephan Kulow saying that on 2010-12-08. There is no
such similar statement regarding the dvd upgrade method, to my

'zypper' (and yast2, though that's more tedious) supports (as in "it
works") upgrading from e.g. 12.1 to 12.3. (open)SuSE does not
"support" it (as in "we claim you can do that without problems").

(open)SuSE always said "we (try) to support upgrading from the
previous version. With anything else, you're on your own". Could well
have been Coolo who said that officially already in the last
millennium. And that was the policy since I know SuSE i.e. 5.3. All
upgrade mechanisms were only "officially" supported ONLY from the
previous version.

But it often *does* work, I dare to say even "usually" if skipping
only one version and the init-system is not exchanged (sysv ->
systemd! *ARGH*, that _DOES_ goes beyond zypper's abilities[0]), so the
tools (zypper) do support it. It's just not supported (officially by
the distribution). And AFAIR a cross-arch upgrade like I did was never
supported, not even from a previous or even the same distribution

But what the heck: this is how I tend do do it:

- rsync / (/old) to a empty partition (say: /new)
- adjust /new/etc/grub/* to point to the new partition
and /etc/zypp/repos.d/* to point to the new distro-version
(and BTW: I do NOT disable external repos like packman, I'd just
have to remember to reinstall e.g. all the packman stuff, which is
esp. tedious for packages that depend on stuff only in packman, so
a "switch to this Repo" does not suffice, as you have to uninstall
packages during upgrade due to missing dependencies[1]).
- test-boot /new
- run zypper clean, ref, dup
- test-boot /new
- fix anything amiss
- run zypper clean, ref, dup
- fix anything amiss (on such upgrades, the first zypper dup might
miss stuff)
- if all went well: *tada*, else start from scratch or do a
"fresh-install" instead of an upgrade ;)
- eventually clean /old, to be used as /new for the next upgrade ;)

Of course, there's extra work if you have a ton of packages
taboo'ed/locked as I have :)

$ zypper ll | wc -l

*yikes* ;) (that's all the mono/csharp stuff, desktop-indexing and a
BIG selection of other stuff. Yes, I searched for that crap during
installation, taboo'ed it, breaking packages, and good riddance!). All
that makes a 'zypper dup' quite "interesting" though *hrhrhr*. Well, I
know what I'm doing and e.g. on the 12.3 install for my mother[2!] I
kept those locks/breaks to the absolute minimum ...


[0] did a 12.1(sysv) -> 12.3(systemd) test. *ARGH* Some stuff worked.
But there was still a lot to be fixed.

[1] e.g. Pkg_A needs Lib_B (both only in packman). If you disable
packman for the upgrade, you have to uninstall both packages in
the process. And remember to reinstall Pkg_A after the upgrade,
which will pull in Lib_B again. Now, I got a lot more than just
one package not in the OSS/non-OSS Repos. Making a list of those
packages is tedious. And it does work wonderfully just upgrading
with those external Repos enabled (e.g. Packman). Of course, you
MUST check before the upgrade, that the Repo for the
to-be-upgraded-to version is up-to-date and contains what you
need. E.g. the nvidia-driver (cue the delay of the packages for
13.1)... If something's amiss, you should delay the upgrade or
disable the repo and switch to alternative packages (e.g.

[2!] a Win-XP user up to then, 68 years at the time, but user of
opensource like seamonkey, oOO, Gimp etc. and little else for
years, I showed her some basics (and mightily irritated her by
first showing WindowMaker), and she's quite happy now using XFCE.
There's some issues with k3b and other minor stuff, that I could
not yet talk her through fixing via phone (because I have no idea
what's actually wrong). BTW: I made it extra clear upon the
introduction, that it all works basically the same as Winders, it
just looks a bit different and has different labels in some
places. Stuff like that depends a lot on the "client". I've got a
friend who's been using Win for years and still has trouble using
it. For added fun, that friend has got a "gotta buy gadgets"
reflex. Like a "Radio world-receiver" from Sony with the worst
user-interface ever[3]. And whatnot.

[3] I'm good at manuals. I understood sendmail's .cf just by
reading the manual and doing some experiments (documented on the
german ML years ago). But the interface of that Radio-gadget-
from-hell and its manual had me almost giving up. And e.g. with
the Android Phone she bought last year, I did not even need a
manual ... ;) IKEA stuff? Easypeasy. That Sony radio? To hell with
it! The worst was, it wasn't even "fun" broken, like some other
$asian cruft, but all very serious and in proper english/german...
Scary actually. And again: the user-interface of the actual radio
was the real nightmare. The manual did help eventually. But not
without major headaches because of the UI. And I have no idea if
that radio-from-hell was ever put to its intended use ... And I
don't want to ask, fearing I may get asked to "get it to work" or
some such ...

William, tell me somethin'. Have you come because you need my help to save a
certain distressin' damsel? Or... rather a damsel in distress? Either one...
-- Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End
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