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Re: [opensuse] Resources being sucked...
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On 1/8/2014 4:00 AM, David T-G wrote:
I suspect that it's a USB thing. I know that when I start trying to move
serious data around via USB, even USB3, on any system I
pretty much can't do anything. All of my sync & copy work happens at
convenient times like breakfast and overnight :-)

That would be my guess as well.

If your machine only has one USB header, you can pretty much swamp it by
moving huge amounts of data over it.

If you have more than one USB header, try to but the USB drive in a different
socket. (front vs back).

If its a laptop, you might have a USB nic as well, which is equally disastrous
for performance.

Sometimes you can put in a fstab line for the usb stick to force SYNC on
(which is also refereed to "performance" mode. When you do this, you may
(probably) have
to mount it manually as root instead of letting the auto-mount work, and you
have to
unmount it before removal.

Forcing Sync mode prevents the default action of mounting in "quick removal"
(in microsoft terminology). In quick removal mode, the system tries to
close the USB device after every write (block) which just compounds the amount
of bus traffic.

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