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Re: [opensuse] Resources being sucked...
On 08/01/14 11:28, John Bennett wrote:
Not sure if there is an answer to this, but....
I seem to have an issue with the amount of resources being allocated to
Generally my PC runs quite well (Opensuse 13.1 x64, i5, 4 GB ram, KDE,
all pretty well up to date), but doing some resource intensive tasks
(copying large amounts of data, locally, ie from internal disk to usb2
external disk), basically kills the PC - Can't really be used while the
task is ongoing. Any music being played becomes very choppy (off more
than on), mouse moves in fits and starts across the screen etc.
Basically, I walk away while it's happening.
Happens with most resource hungry tasks, including file copies, running
VirtualBox, any video operations (rendering, etc)
Any ideas?

Check /var/log/messages for any relevant information: use tail -f /var/log/messages in a terminal ...
Also, I would check the internal connections and make sure there was no dust/fluff build up then check disks with fsck and smartctl.

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