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Re: [opensuse] Why is RasPi worth more effort than older PCs? or Macs?
On 1/7/2014 2:23 PM, Larry Stotler wrote:
But that wasn't the point. My question was why do people fall over
themselves for a machine that you can't upgrade the RAM, but people
with machines with 512MB are told to upgrade or replace the machine
because 13.1 requires 1GB RAM.

Don't get me wrong, Larry, I too have a collection of machines that really
aren't suitable for running Opensuse and KDE. In short, there is a lot of bloat
in KDE, and even Gnome. XFCE4 is better but even that is pretty demanding.
The kernel itself is also much bigger.

But you too lightly dismiss all the things we do differently today.
Yes, we do run multi-tabbed browsers and we insist each of those be firewalled
and jailed, and we insist they handle protocols that didn't exist 5 years ago
and play youtube flawlessly.
And we run multiple email accounts, notification agents for chat,
and virtual machines, and occasionally fire up a game.

I could go on, but you are kidding yourself it you think you aren't doing
different today than you were in the past.

Some of my clunkers will run OpenSuse, barely, some only without a graphical
such as you would use for a mail server or a dhcp server, and I could hang some
storage on them I spoze (except for those that are already maxed out).

I can/and do run them headless for this, but I still have a power bill, and
have to listen to the fans.

And some of these functions I can do with a rasbperry pi, all within 512,
with 6 gig of flash storage, powered off a usb port or wall charger. And
they are cheap enough to do that in a separate box. I have no particular
problem running debian. Its not got yast, but still, not a big deal.

Grouse as you may about hardware obsolescence being forced by standard kernels
and desktops. I'm with you.

But it just seems odd to turn around and badmouth the Raspberry
in the same post when it is the living proof you can still do many useful things
in a small machine.

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