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Re: [opensuse] Why is RasPi worth more effort than older PCs? or Macs?
I think that one of the big reasons folks are trying to use RPIs as computers
is they're so incredibly energy efficient. For example, my wife's new 6-core
computer with 8GB of memory uses >100W just idling. Why such a beefy machine?
She likes to play the Sims, which doesn't work at all on low-power machines.
But the fact that an RPI can run from a 5V USB adapter means that it doesn't
hurt to leave it on 24x7.

It's like Larry just commented - the requirements for software are so
ridiculous anymore. I mean, installing Win7 taking up 20GB of hard drive space?
Just for the OS? It's really sad - no wonder why things need so many resources
and are so hard to troubleshoot when something blows up anymore...

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