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Re: [opensuse] CIFS - where/how is /proc/fs/cifs/SecurityFlags set?
В Пн, 06/01/2014 в 17:23 -0600, David C. Rankin пишет:

I have run into a mount.cifs issue (I'm chasing on the samba list) One
question that arose is the setting of /proc/fs/cifs/SecurityFlags. In
the value is set to 0x7. Where/how is that set? From the kernel
I know the components are:

may use packet signing 0x00001
must use packet signing 0x01001
may use NTLM (most common password hash) 0x00002
must use NTLM 0x02002
may use NTLMv2 0x00004
must use NTLMv2 0x04004
may use Kerberos security 0x00008
must use Kerberos 0x08008
may use lanman (weak) password hash 0x00010
must use lanman password hash 0x10010
may use plaintext passwords 0x00020
must use plaintext passwords 0x20020
(reserved for future packet encryption) 0x00040

Where do I look to find out how opensuse comes up with 0x7? The default is
reported as 0x07007,

By whom?


but I get:

sudo cat /proc/fs/cifs/SecurityFlags

Maybe the anding or adding of the flags is what I'm messing up. What say the
gurus? (Lars?)

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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