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Re: [opensuse] Why is RasPi worth more effort than older PCs? or Macs?
Carlos E. R. said the following on 01/06/2014 07:42 PM:
On 2014-01-07 01:20, John Andersen wrote:
On 1/6/2014 1:46 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:

But the OP was complaining that even the old laptop is struggling with
that role. And he's right about that. Got a few of those kicking around too.

Not really. I understands that he complains that Linux is abandoning
that target. Not that those laptops can not cope, but that Linux
desktops are becoming more and more demanding, needing recent hardware
and abandoning older hardware.

I also feel the same.

Surely there are other, minimalist, less demanding distributions and desktops? Surely the OP doesn't have to use KDE or Gnome.

Perhaps its that those old laptops came with Windows/98 and a GUI and the OP feels locked in to the GUI world and can't handle a CLI version of Linux. There are many roles where the GUI is not needed.

There are many roles where the GUI can be a web service. For a long time I made use of the IPCop firewall. CLI or web interface. Ran on real old hardware too.

Perhaps the problem isn't the desktop per se but the layering of the desktop on the Xserver. Perhaps the successor to XORG will be a boon.

How long did the whining go on when KDE2 went on KDE3?

The only universal constant is change. If a species can not adapt it
goes extinct. That's the law of the universe, adapt or die.
-- Billie Walsh, May 18 2013
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