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Re: [opensuse] optimizing resolv.conf
John Andersen wrote:
On 1/4/2014 6:13 PM, James Knott wrote:
John Andersen wrote:
That assumes that dnsmasq does not also have some built in way to go around
it. (I really don't know).
Dnsmasq is the specified DNS server. How does any app get around that,
other than going to the root servers etc.

I don't know that anything does get around that, but if anything wanted to I
imagine it would be the
same way Dig or postfix gets around nscd.

Nscd is only a cache, not a DNS server. Dnsmasq is a DNS server that
any app shouldn't know how to get around. As far as an app is
concerned, there's no difference between using Dnsmasq, Google DNS, the
ISP's DNS etc. They're all DNS servers. The next thing beyond that
would be to do an iterative DNS query, starting from the root DNS server
in the manner the ISPs DNS would.

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