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Re: [opensuse] OT: Asus Question Boards

Am Freitag, 3. Januar 2014, 22:47:31 schrieb Andrey Borzenkov:
The ASUS People like to know is any Motherboard running with
with Secure Boot and AMI Bios.

Please let me know the Boards for a Answer.

The Problem, I have two new ASUS Boards with Problems to boot
Boot and the SUSE People mean this is a ASUS implementation

grub2 in 13.1 had bug that was fixed in later update. Did you test

- install in UEFI mode with secure boot disabled
- apply all updates
- enable secure boot

Yes, but with enabled Secure Boot the system is not starting, win 8 is
starting :-(.

You ignored my question about installing updates. And in bug report you
also said you tested 13.1 GA, and never said anything about applying
later updates.


I don't ignore your Question ;). Yes I install all update, yes I test it
again with secure boot, but it is not working ?

Is this wrong in the message from Gary Lin, I understand the Message in
that way, the Microsoft Signature is on the wrong Place implemented ?

I looked at your bug report once more and I still miss clear
description, *what* does not work. Booting is multistage process and
secure boot in this case adds even more steps. Your bug report gives no
reasons to believe that problem is in signature verification. Actually
it does not give any information beyond "it does not work".

That is why I said you - start step by step, determine at which step
booting fails.

I test now again With enable Secure Boot

From a DVD is 13.1 not Starting but also not Fedora 20 :(

The installed 13.1 is not found / starting with enabled Secure Boot, but the
windows 8 is starting without Grub2-EFI

When Secure Boot is disabled the GRUB2_EFI is starting with Menu openSUSE
Windows 8.

I mean this is a Bios Problem.

Have any a ASUS Bord or other Board with AMI Bios on that Secure Boot is
Working ???

If problem is signature verification, you should get error - either from
firmware or from shim. Do you get one? If yes - please show picture of
this error.

And only a Bios Update bring back the function to boot with secure Boot?

OK, I test it again.

And BTW this bug could also affect non-secure boot case.

Now like ASUS to know the Boards there are running with

Thanks for the Help,

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best Regards,

Günther J. Niederwimmer
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