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Re: [opensuse] optimizing resolv.conf
Hans Witvliet wrote:
I used to have my dns on my firewall/imap/dhcp/... machine.
But i found out that if something goes wrong with dns, everything else
tumbled down. Hence i going to migrate my dns-functionality to two
machines doing nothing else.

As I mentioned earlier, the main purpose of running Dnsmasq is for name
resolution of my local devices. I have a 2nd external DNS configured on
any computer with a static address. I also use a DNS service for when
I'm away from home. It provides an alias to the long host name for my
IPv4 address, but also AAAA records for my IPv6 addresses. I suppose I
could add the local RFC 1918 addresses for my local devices to that
external DNS, so that I could fall back to it if my local DNS failed,
though it of course woudn't work for elsewhere. I currently have
configured an old consumer grade firewall/router that I could drop in as
a replacement, should my Linux box firewall/router fail.
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