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Re: [opensuse] Qt Warning related to Compose file of libX11-data

Andi Sugandi <andisugandi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

There is a project called ignsdk*, and it has 2 packages built on OBS
(ignsdk-devtools and ignsdk):

Unfortunately, I find an issue on testing the binary:

ignsdk --version
"Qt Warning - invalid keysym: dead_actute"
IGNSDK Version : "1.1.3"

The warning seems familiar with the bug report on freedesktop:

Because editing manually the:
"/usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose" file (from libX11-data
package) will solve the issue.

So I think we should encourage the maintainer of libX11-data package
to get the patch and let it built the newer one, and then the zypper
up will automagically fix the issue of ignsdk.

What do you think?

Is it still needed to fill BNC?


Thanks in advance.

If you (or anyone) want to have a 13.1 package from the official release
updated, then having a bugzilla is mandatory. Even the maintainer of a package
can't submit a official update without a bugzilla.

Since you know what the fix is and know your way around OBS you could:

File bugzilla
Assign it directly to libX11-data maintainer
Branch devel project
Apply patch in your branch, then submit fix back to devel.

Be sure to reference the bugzilla number in the changes file.

In theory you could branch the 13.1 frozen package and submit a MR (maintenance
request) to trigger a official update. I don't know what happens if a
non-maintainer does that.

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