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Re: [opensuse] optimizing resolv.conf

Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My web browsers often seem to spend a lot of time reporting "looking up
<blah>". I'd like to see less of that in 2014, and spend less time
nothing happen in the browser's viewport. seems to make sense, but it
includes no discussion of a local nameserver, such as the one typically

enabled by default in an internet router, only using Google IPs. Anyone
anything to add or dispute what it says?

Are those using routers better off using the one it includes? Better

Is there any convenient way to evaluate average response times from

Are there logical reasons for avoiding Google's or other high
visibility servers?

Are there reasons why the servers provided by the ISP subscribed to
be preferred?

Can anyone explain why the default timeout is 5s and not more or less?
Is it
a holdover from times past when the internet was less busy, and often
speedy via dialup or ISDN instead of broadband?


I know you have numerous PCs.

Do you run your own local dns server? Since you have numerous machines you
should. Set it up to forward non-cached lookups to a good dns server. No need
for that good dns server to be your isp's.

Dns is a pretty lightweight service, so the recommendation even 20 years ago
was to dedicate a low performance PC to dns. The reason for that is uptime for
your local dns server is very important. Having a local dns server means 99%
of dns lookups will be handled at local lan speeds. It also means the cache of
names/ips is shared by all your machines.

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