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Re: [opensuse] No usb automount in 12.3
Andrey Borzenkov said the following on 09/30/2013 12:08 PM:

The real question is - why usb-storage is not present in module list
after being apparently successfully loaded.

+ 2^57,885,161 − 1

... and why there is no /proc/bus/usb

Ah, wait.
Remember I was compaling about usbview?
Wellthere's this

Note the date: 5 Mar 2013
So lets hope this appears in 13.1

And anyway, there is /sys/bus/usb
and ther are /devices and ...

ls -R
devices drivers drivers_autoprobe drivers_probe uevent

1-0:1.0 2-0:1.0 2-2 2-2:1.0 usb1 usb2

hub usb usbfs usbhid

1-0:1.0 2-0:1.0 bind module new_id remove_id uevent unbind

2-2 bind uevent unbind usb1 usb2

bind module new_id remove_id uevent unbind

2-2:1.0 bind module new_id remove_id uevent unbind

Which makes me wonder, since its beyond my understnading right now.
Can anyone add enlightenment?
If its there in /sys/modules why isn't it shown by lsmod?

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