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[opensuse] No usb automount in 12.3 (was: legacy device support on modern motherboard and linux
Carlos E. R. said the following on 09/29/2013 08:42 AM:
I have used floppies, not very recently, to take documents to some people.
Nowdays I would perpahs use usb stick (if they are not disabled at the
sites). However, the minimum size I can find for sticks is 8 GB. I can not
find a 1GB stick for one use.

I was composing a reply concerning the free USB sticks given out at trade shows and vendor presentations, and decided to check the size.

So plugged one in to my 12.3 desktop and no popup appeared. NIX.
various tools like 'lsusb' and 'udev-browse' show its there, but the most interesting this is that I get a line in the syslog saying

Sep 29 10:18:56 MainBox mtp-probe: checking bus 1, device 8: "/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.1/usb1/1-8"
Sep 29 10:18:56 MainBox mtp-probe: bus: 1, device: 8 was not an MTP device

Now I have been using a usb port for my system mouse and the port that gives this response for attaching a camera.

I also get nothing when I run
# lsmod | grep usb
so usbcore and usb_storage aren't there and modprobe of them doesn't put them there :-(

I've googled to no avail but wonder if this us a Udisks2 problem or some udev rule that I've never noticed before.

Is is this just a 'Sunday morning after a Saturday night' problem?

If we allow untrustworthy root CA's to exist, the whole SSL-PKI concept is dead.
-- Maarten van Hees, Sept 6th, 2011

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