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Re: [opensuse] Scrollbar arrows inT'bird and FF
On 09/27/2013 10:46 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
I use KDE. I also use Thunderbird and Firefox, which are not really KDE

All my KDE applications have scroll bars with little arrows at the top
and bottom. I can click on those arrows to make the contents scroll.
Nothing new here ...

But the scroll bars in T'Bird and FF don't have those arrows.

I gather that T'Bird and FF are more gnome-friendly than KDE friendly
and that the config for such things as scroll bar arrows will be in some
Gnomic feature and not in KDE's settings.

But I don't run Gnome or have Gnome installed.

I can't see setup/controls for this within FF/T'bird.

Where/what to I have to look/do to set up the little arrows without
having to install more of Gnome?

I don't know what OS-en may be, but I'm using PCLinuxOS, and sometimes
MINT, both with KDE, and I have the little arrows on the right side, at
top and bottom of the up/down slider track. Actually, they are little
triangles, pointing up at the top, and down at the bottom. You'll see
the same thing in Windows. But if you don't fill the page, there won't
be any arrows or scroll tracks, since they aren't needed then. Perhaps
you aren't explaining the problem?


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