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Re: [opensuse] Any chance of convincing Gimp to consider a .png asavalid saved image?
On Fri, 20 Sep 2013 17:47:12 -0500
Billie Walsh wrote:


What Gimp do you all have? I use it all the time and SAVE as "png"
and "jpg" without issues.

I'm running 2.8.2 and the 'save' vs 'export' navigation is definitely a
change that takes some getting used to.

I think this is primarily because old habits die hard.

Being a very long time GIMP user, for many weeks after upgrading, I had
to backtrack and 'export' every single time because I'd habitually ...
meaning without thinking about it ... tried to 'save' ... *and* I found
it annoying, sometimes infuriating, until I broke the old habit.

Now I habitually 'export' to save in a non-native GIMP format and I
'overwrite' to update non-native files that I've opened in GIMP and
changed. So I no longer think about it.

OTOH, I can recall several instances in the past where I mistakenly
'saved' some work that started out in a non-native GIMP format and then
quickly, without thinking about it, closed the file -- only to realize
moments later that I'd just thrown away important layers or the entire
history of edits.

This last scenario is the worst of all (if you don't habitually make
'drafting/working' copies, first.) At least the new paradigm seems to do
a good job of preventing this type of error.
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