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Re: [opensuse] Improved performance with NVidia drivers


I use only NVidia graphics cards in my machines.

I choose to use Opensuse.

My personal requirements include: stable performance, predictable
installation, reliable hardware acceleration, and avoidance of flaming,
uninformed opinion, half-truths, etc.

In my not-only-recent experience, depending ONLY on the upstream UNIX
drivers, downloaded directly from NVidia
( and built locally on my system
(, mostly ... ), is the
only way I am able to consistently fulfill those requirements. The
process is straightforward, if not "casual, end-user simple".

Despite numerous persons' interest and experience with it, the
proprietary NVidia driver/module is not, will not, and arguably cannot,
be supported or endorsed by Opensuse.

I'm not interested in the discussion of whether that's a good or wise

Also of note is that the use of the NVidia module adds a taint to the
kernel (, and kernel
support issues are (typically/) dismissed until that taint -- i.e., the
module -- is removed. I.e., if the 'problem' is due to NVidia's module,
you're on your own, at least officially.

That said, I've had absolutely NO failures or problems DIY'ing it in at
least the ~ 1 1/2 years that my notes record. All the apps that
specifically take advantage of the NVidia's features -- e.g. media stack
using H/W/ accel -- are fully functional and problem-free.

Is it a pain to learn/do DIY? A bit. IMO, much less that this endless
back-n-forth and unreliable packages.

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