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[opensuse] Why does asking for a couple of programs install the universe?

Some unpleasant experiences with yast/zypper today.

on a perfectly fine 12.1, I did `zypper up chromium`,
which resulted in upgrades of lots of things seemingly
quite unrelated to chrome. One of them, which *might*
be some strange requirement.... was udev. The install
portion at udev crashed the machine, and made it unbootable
as it could no longer find the root partition, prompting
an early departure from work, hours spent backing up the
machine, and an install of 12.3.

After the basic install of 12.3, I used yast to download
VLC, Virtualbox, pidgin and tree. This somehow required
1040 packages, including gnumeric, kde-wallpapers and gnucash-docs.
Just to name a few really silly ones. No way in any sane universe
those packages "needed" by VLC, Virtualbox, pidgin and tree.

I can understand the billion libxyz's getting installed, and that
the dependency management is a lovely slice of hell, but really,
was all this necessary in any way?

Is there at least some way to say "yes, go ahead and install these
dependencies, but stop trying to install random unwanted software
on my system?"

Is there some strange default setting hiding in yast/zypper which
thinks it should take any opportunity possible to install all the
things *someone* thought I might want?

Michael "13 years SuSE linux user and getting very frustrated with it"
Michael Fischer
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