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[opensuse] Hotel Router problem
I have been trying to find some answer to the problem of why I can't
stay connected to some hotel's wifi with linux, while I can with

In Linux, I can only stay connected for about 10 minutes before I am
dropped. I have continually decreasing speed of browsing while I am
connected. To reconnect, I have to restart the wireless with #rcnetwork
restart. I can do this about 3-5 times until I can no longer connect to
the hotel router unless I restart the computer. In Windows7 I have very
fast speed of browsing and can stay connected without time limit. In
windows7 I have no issue trying to connect at any time, it simply
connects right up.

I am using Win7 and opensuse 12.3, but this has been an ongoing problem
in multiple opensuse versions including 13.1. I am using KDE desktop
4.11 on this installation of opensuse 12.3 from which I am posting this
email, but I also have KDE 3.10 installed on a separate installation of
opensuse 12.3 on this same laptop computer.

After speaking with the tech support on the phone, he says that he shows
that I am not connected to their system using the same IP address that
we used with win7. I assured him that I was, so I read him my mac
address and he was able to see that I was connected. He noticed that
the response time for packets is 800 milliseconds in Linux, but is
maximum 6 milliseconds in win7.

I have some logs from wireshark showing the connection logs for my wlan
in Linux and win7 that can be compared if that is advantageous.

Once again I am asking for help in trying to fix this issue that has
been unresolved for a couple of years now.


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